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New official extension releases

Mar 18, 2016

We are very pleased to announce extension releases. As you might already know, we decided to decouple extension releases from the framework release to allow more flexibility and possible more frequent extension releases. This however has not really happened in the past as we were very busy working on the framework itself and also each release takes some extra resources to review the code and prepare the release. We have now automated most of the release process for extensions so we can hopefully release more often in the future and are now happy to announce the release of the following extensions:

The above releases contain a lot of bug fixes and also new features. In the following we will describe some notable changes.

For comments and feedback, there is a forum thread related to this news announcement.

API Documentation generator

The API Documentation generator got more extensible by allowing passing a classname as the template parameter:

vendor/bin/apidoc guide source/docs ./output --template=app\apidoc\MyTemplateClass

This way you can use your own custom renderer which is found by autoloading the template renderer class.

Also a json template has been added to provide class structure in json format.

Finally styling of Info, Note and Warning blocks in the Guide documentation has been improved.


Among bug fixes, this release adds a new bootstrap widget for Bootstrap checkbox/radio toggle buttons: ToggleButtonGroup.

You can use this widget in an ActiveForm using the widget() method, for example like this:

<?= $form->field($model, 'item_id')->widget(\yii\bootstrap\ToggleButtonGroup::classname(), [
     // configure additional widget properties here
]) ?>

Debug Toolbar

The debug toolbar has received a major improvement which makes it work within the same browser window. This allows you to more easily debug your Yii application while staying in the same tab, just like you do with well-known browser debugging tools.

Among other stability improvements, the debug toolbar is also now independent of the asset manager, to make it work in more custom environments, therefor the ToolbarAsset class has been removed.

Elasticsearch extension

The elasticsearch extension comes with compatibility to new Elasticsearch 2.0 release and other improvements like HTTP auth, when connecting to Elasticsearch, AWS Elasticsearch service compatibility, custom query options like min_score.

We have also added support for Elasticsearch scroll API which provides the batch() and each() query methods which are also known from the SQL Query interface. This also fixes the issue with updateAll() and deleteAll() methods being limited to only 10 records by default.

Gii Code Generator

New options have been added to several generator classes. There is now an option to wrap GridView with Pjax when generating CRUD files. Model generator now generates exist rules based on table foreign keys. It is also able to generate reverse relations.

Using the generated code became easier by allowing the entire preview code to be copied by pressing CTRL+C on the page without the need to select anything.