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Redis extension 2.0.6 released

Apr 5, 2017

We are very pleased to announce the release of the redis extension version 2.0.6. This extension introduces several bug fixes and enhancements.

ActiveRecord with composite primary key were not saved correctly because the key was calculated different before save and after loading a record. This has been fixed in this release. If you are using AR with composite primary key, make sure your implementation is working correctly after update.

The execution of two-word commands (e.g. CLIENT LIST or SCRIPT LOAD) was fixed, which was failing before. Also PHPdoc @method annotations for redis methods have been added which make it easier to use the commands directly as PHP methods, e.g. $redis->clientList(). This was possible before but is now easier as auto completion will work in IDEs.

It is now also possible to set Connection::$database to null to avoid sending a SELECT command after connection. This is useful for using redis in some proxy environments which do not support selecting multiple databases.

This release also adds support for \yii\db\QueryInterface::emulateExecution() which has been introduced in Yii 2.0.11 to allow creating an empty query without the need to connect to a database.

Finally a Mutex class has been added that implements a Redis based mutex.

See the CHANGELOG for a complete list of changes.

Thanks to everyone contributed to this release!