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Extensions in category "date and time"X
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Date and Time 0 2 +3 / -1
Datetime picker widget for Yii2 framework
By Beaten_Sect0r, 11 months ago


Date and Time 0 0
Automatic Change Date System of an ActiveRecord After finding It.
By meysampg, about a year ago


Date and Time 0 0 +1
Extension to easily use the fulcalendar scheduler functionality
By EdoFre, about a year ago


Date and Time 0 0 +1
Fullcalendar wrapper for showing events on a calendar
By EdoFre, about a year ago


Date and Time 0 0 +1
DaysAgo - Converter dates in a user-friendly format
By sfedosimov, 2 years ago


Date and Time 0 0 +2
Bootstrap 3 date/time picker widget for Yii2
By RomeroMsk, 2 years ago


Date and Time 0 0 +1
Handle incomplete dates
By Sjaakp, 2 years ago


Date and Time 0 0 +1
jdf library
By hooman.programmer, 2 years ago


Date and Time 1247 0 +3
Enhanced and partially rewritten version of ecalendarview extension...
By Trejder, 3 years ago


Date and Time 1568 0 +3
Yii Extension to work with DateTimePicker jQuery plugin
By Jadson, 3 years ago


Date and Time 268 0
Yii Extension For Jalali Date and Time (JDF)
By Masoud Sawari, 3 years ago


Date and Time 247 1 +4 / -1
this is create from yii extension time ago, read now time from server
By hooman.programmer, 3 years ago


Date and Time 0 9 +3
yii2 efullcalendar.js extension
By PinkBrainPlan, 3 years ago


Date and Time 356 5 +3
Yii1 behavior to automatic convert date format
By Misbahul D Munir, 3 years ago